Vélez Málaga Locksmith Tel. 672 303 046

Do you need a locksmith that speak English ?  We speak English ! You will get in touch with locksmith Vélez Málaga without difficulties.
Phone of Vélez Málaga Locksmith
We are homologated locksmiths and authorized for Cerrajeros's Association of Seguridad of Spain.

Do you need a locksmith urgently? 
We give emergency service 24 hours 7 days.
The locksmith Vélez Málaga solves all of the problems of locks and keys that you may have.
We have over 20 years of experience in the craft of the locksmith's .

                                           Véléz Málaga Locksmith 24/7

We  do opening of doors.  ( front doors, doors of restroom, doors of kitchenware rack )
Opening of vehicles. ( all vehicles without having importance the year or the manufacturer )
Opening of safes. ( all the security levels )
We change locks and cylinders.  ( normal and maximum- certainty locks )
Service of Attention of Safes. ( reparations in general, we change combinations)
Service of Locksmith's Shop of Vehicles.  ( encodings and openings )
Service of Attention of Metallic Closings., Rolling Gates  ( reparations and change of motors )

                                                     Vélez Málaga locksmith Car-key Service

Do you have a door that can not open?  
The locksmith Vélez Málaga opens every kind of door without causing no damage to the lock. ( while it not be close with a key )

Do you have problems with his electric blind's motor?  Call us right now and we will go in a very short time to solve the problem!

We are specialists opening doors of every type and level, from simplest door to high security door. For sure, we will open any door that you may have.

Are you car's keys inside?  No problem! The locksmith Vélez Málaga can open any car, without importing the manufacturer or the model that it be.
You have lost your car's key and do you not have a copy?  The locksmith Vélez Málaga will manufacture a key for you in a minute!

We have offers of discounts for all those customers that they find us through our Web page.
We give estimates totally free and without no commitment

You can contac us 24 hours every day of the week, call for a locksmith of confidence, locksmith Vélez Málaga.

Vélez Málaga locksmith

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